Equilibrium - gcdc2013

In 2013, I participated in Google Cloud Developers Challenge 2013 and was selected as the internation finalist in the competition.

I build an application for managing projects deadlines within a company. I called it Equilibrium. I won 1000$, Nexus Tablet and other goodies from Google(Yay! Score).

Google App Engine with Python

Equilibrium is build on Google App engine with Python, also utilizing (Google+, Wikipedia, Google Custom Search, Google Maps) API’s for various functions. Each Project Card having different colors depending on its urgency. With a time-down clock running in the card to define its deadline time.

That’s where the magic happens. These cards, are an easy way of organizing various projects, and the snappiest way to equalize your work. Designed responsively, users can utilize the app in Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and they will be greeted with a nice responsive design. Build upon Twitter Bootstrap, Flask, jinja2, webapp2.