Host your Resume on Google App Engine

I made a little boilerplate over the weekend, for people who are searching for jobs and want to build a customized resume for a specific company.

The idea is very simple, since to stand out amoung the applicants you need to be visible and you can be visible by making a specific web page (since its responsive and available through the internet) describing about yourself and how you stand out from others, plus how the company can benefit from your skills and services.

I’m calling it GAE-Resume, since it is built on Google App Engine, and Django(using Djangae), AngularJS, Bootstrap etc.

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Available Online

Some of the features:

  • Made on Google App Engine with Python, So you can host it with a custom domain.
  • Responsive design.
  • Have a Kudos button, already implemented.
  • AngularJS for flexible UI.
  • Build over django, so you can even blog on it.
  • Comes with a Light weight template, with JQuery.

La-di-da-du-duh. Thanks.