10K UK Weather Analyzer and Visualization

In October 2016, I participated & won ‘Best Technical Award’ in the prestigious 10K Apart Challenge of 2016.

10K Apart International Challenge by Microsoft & An Event Apart is about building a compelling web experience that can be delivered in 10kB and works without JavaScript.

About 380 entries took part from around the globe, judged by some of the best developers, designers of the industry.

I made a lite version of UK Weather Analyzer, using NodeJS, Azure. With this application users can analyze, visualize UK & Other regions weather data, while playing a short game and learn some new facts as well.

The initial download is around ~8KB and doesn’t require JavaScript. Build with Progressive Enhancement in mind, so added enhancements with JavaScript and CSS. Accessibility and browser support(even lynx) enabled.

You can also fork the code on GitHub.